With nearly 1 billion Instagram accounts how are brands going to find YOU?

Your MyPodium page lives on the internet.

Your Social Media profile is buried amongst millions of other social media accounts. Unless you’re a celebrity and in the press 24/7, chances of you getting found are slim. You may get lucky and hit a popular hashtag but even that’s a long shot.

With MyPodium, you’re visible on all search engines — allowing brands to search for people like you.

MyPodium is the only dedicated platform in the world which indexes Influencers on search engines.

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MyPodium is optimized for SEO

Your MyPodium page is optimized to be found by search engines out of the box. When brands are searching for influencers, search engines (like Google) could be where they go.

With intelligent indexing based on the keywords in your MyPodium page, your page is ready for brands to find you on search engines.

For the geeks, if you want to tinker under the hood you can optimize your page further using meta titles and descriptions.


Add your link as your bio link

Business Card

Add your link to your business cards


Add your link to your Twitter page


Add your link to your YouTube Channel


Add your link to your Wordpress blog

Your Website

Add your link to your website

Email Signature

Use your link in Outlook, Mac Mail and all email clients


Add your link to your TikTok profile

Promote yourself across all channels

Your unique link will be used as your bio link on your Instagram page but can be (and should be) used everywhere you’re promoting yourself. Whether it’s your YouTube Channel, your personal blog, your Twitter, your email signature and even your business cards.

It’s the one place that everyone and anyone should land on to connect with you.

Track and measure the impact of your website — MyPodium analytics

Understand your audience and your impact on brands. If you can’t measure it, you don’t know what you have to improve. We’ve taken care of this as well. In your MyPodium dashboard, you’ll have detailed analytics about your website and its visitors.

Get an edge over other influencers. Make MyPodium your decisive advantage.

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Your career is fully equiped from the start

MyPodium gives you a professional platform to showcase yourself and a communication platform to manage requests from brands for absolutely no cost.

Your professional website

Put the spotlight on the best things you’ve got to show to brands. Connect better with your audience. Your personal website is your online business card — and you can do business. Brands want you.

MyPodium Chat

Brands want to talk to you in a professional manner — not through DMs that can get buried. They have to resort to email, but there’s a better way. With your own inbox dedicated to these conversations, you’ll have an advantage over other influencers.