MyPodium is more than a professional website builder for influencers

We’re on a mission to help influencers earn comfortably, while living their passion

MyPodium gives you a platform for you to connect with brands in a superior way, while serving your audience better

Your social media page only shows one side of you - the one tailored to your audience.

Brands have money to spend. But they also have a lot of questions about you: what your audience is about, what you are about, etc. What they want to know is everything about you — and now.

There are hurdles between you and brands. The solution? We’ve spoken to hundreds of brands to understand these hurdles are — and set the path to address all their questions. That is My Podium.

Your own private real-time chat and message portal for brands to communicate with you

If you’re lucky enough to have lots of DM requests, but frustrated how many are a waste of time, your enthusiasm to keep tabs on your inbox efficiently can be very low. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on messages from brands because of the multitude of DMs you’re receiving!

MyPodium gives you your own inbox dedicated to business chats. Brands have to verify themselves before they can message you, so every message you receive in the MyPodium Chat is potential business from a verified company.

Get found by search engines

Having your own web page which you will link from your bio is just one of the ways for brands to access your MyPodium Page.

The real power is the ability to be found via search engines. Your MyPodium page will be indexed by all major search engines, including Google. Your dedicated page will have its own URL which you can use to promote your presence online on whatever channels you want.

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