We’ve understood from brands exactly what they want to know about you. And we built MyPodium around that.

We’ve talked to hundreds of brands and found out what they want to know from your profile. The way is paved for you. Mix and match your content and sell yourself based on your strengths. Put your best side in the spotlight. Want to know what objections you’re already adressing with a MyPodium professional website?

  • Do you have any other social profiles?
  • What’s your following across all social media accounts?
  • A bit of background on you
  • Have you worked with any brands in the past?
  • What does a top-performing post of yours look like?
  • A professional bio
  • An easy way to communicate with you

Show everyone your highlight reel.

Best posts getting buried? With MyPodium you simply add your top posts — no matter what social media platform they are. Show off your best posts to brands!

Your most liked posts

Got a post that has got more likes than your usual average? Put the spotlight on it — don’t let it get buried among your newer posts.

Your most-viewed videos

Posted a video that went viral in its own way? Brands want to see what your best performance looks like... show it to them!

Your most-commented posts

Show of your post with most comments. An active engaging audience will always give you the edge when brands are looking.

Tailor your website to your personality with the easy-to-use page builder

Add the blocks you want, change the content whenever you want, change the design to suit your style. Simple, powerful and easy to use.

Select your template to suit your style.

Show your full network of social accounts

Got more than just one Instagram account? Is your presence influencing on other social media platforms? Managed to grow your TikTok account as well? Show both brands and your followers every other social account you’ve got. This way you’ll grow faster on other platforms, while your followers get to know everything that you do.

Show off the brands you start working with

If you’ve already worked with brands, this is the place to show them off. If you haven’t you can disable this section, and any other section so it’s totally hidden until you’re ready to show it off.

Your Personal and Professional Bio

Simply write a bit about you — this increases the chances that brands will find you based on the words you’ve written. When Uber UK is looking for a mental health influencer, you have more chances to be found by Uber UK — if you have mentioned that in your professional bio.

The short bio you’re able to write on your social media accounts is aimed at your audience. Your followers get to know a bit about you.

But what about brands? The same message you write about yourself for your followers is not what brands want to know about you. Brands want to know different things than what you tell your followers.

Why does this different bio for brands matter?

  • You’re a foodie influencer but… are you into desserts? Vegetarian? Vegan? You’re on a meat-only diet?
  • You’re a fashion influencer. Is it Dior or Supreme that you like? Maybe both, because you’re into streetwear?
  • Or maybe you only like high-end designers.
    Ketogenic diet die-hard? Calisthenics athlete? Bodybuilder? Which type is you?

Remember! Every word you use in your MyPodium bio is a chance to get found by brands and search engines.


I absolutely love fashion!! I graduated from Liverpool Univesity in Arts and Drama in 2017 and have since worked in a variety of different places learning the fashion industry.

I am also a keen traveller and love camping and exploring new places.

I have 2 cats which I adore and also help out in the local RSPCA shop when i can.


I’ve been a sustainable fashion influencer for over 4 years. I didn’t have a blog, a YouTube series or anything like that — people simply started asking me where do I get my outfits from.

I love minimalist fashion but also techwear. I’m also sliding more and more into japanese old-school streetwear.

Would love to partner with brands interested in the same areas of fashion/style!

Your Page. Your Way.

Mix and match the sections to show only what puts the spotlight on the best you. Disable or enable sections as you want. Drag and drop to simply change the order of the content to what you want.

Only need “My Links” and nothing else? No problem — it takes a few seconds to do that.

MyPodium is made for people like you

Whether you're a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Web Designer, Artist or Illustrator. There are 100's of top brands like Adobe, Sketch, Canon and more looking to engage with influencers to promote them.

Got a good eye for fashion? Are you hot on trend and love showing off your latest wares? Fashion brands like Asos, PrettyLittleThing, MissGuided, Shein are actively looking to connect with Influencers to collaborate with.

The health and fitness market is worth billions, With big competition out there, brands are always looking to spend heavily on marketing and they're looking for Influencers who have an active audience.

If you're an avid traveller and jetting from one place to another all the time - you may be what exotic hotels are looking for. Hotels love influencers showcasing them and there are lot of partnerships to be had.

Get an edge over other influencers. Make MyPodium your decisive advantage.

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