Your dedicated inbox and messaging platform for brands to connect with you.

Your DMs are for your followers. Your business conversations with brands are for the My Podium chat. No more missing out on buried messages from brands. Brands want streamlined and efficient communication with Influencers. Respond too late and you’ll miss your chance.

One click for brands to connect with you.

When brands land on your MyPodium page they simply click ‘Chat with Me’. Any messages sent to you are delivered to you by email, if you are not online. This way, you’ll never miss a message.

DMs are great for fun. Not for business.

Overloaded DMs are a nightmare to manage. Messages from followers are mixed up with messages from brands and you’ll never know who’s who until you go through each message. One missed message is a missed opportunity to grow your influencer career. The life-changing offer is always one message away — make sure you’re ready to receive it.

See relevant information about the brand before you start talking

On the sidebar of your MyPodium chat, you will see relevant information about the brand you’re talking to. Only brands who have verified themselves will be able to message you. This way you know every message is from a verified brand. No message if they’re not down to talk business!

All your messages grouped in one place.

Know who has messaged you and return back to any chats whenever you want. No more missed messages or clunky interfaces. Simply clean messaging from your mobile or desktop computer.

With your MyPodium chat, all businesses are encouraged to complete thier profile so you can learn more about them before you engage. Brands need you to like them too so they’ll work hard in making sure they profile themselves well. Here’s what they can show:

Their industry

A company's name doesn't always tell you what they're doing. It can get confusing. Find out if they're in the media, fashion or food industry.

A quick bio

Brands will now tell you a bit about what they do. No need to quickly search them up to understand what their business is!

Company's size

You know what their business is. They know your audience's size. But what about their size? Find out how big a prospective collaborator is.

Their website

Need to research them even more? It's a click away. The website of the company that's messaging you will be on the chat's sidebar.

Brands love quick responses.

They’re planning their campaign and need to move fast. Real time chat allows you and the brand to discuss projects instantly.

If you respond fast, you’re showing the brand you’re proactive and efficient. First impressions count!

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Manage your business conversations with the MyPodium chat. No more untidy DMs.

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